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Hooke & MacDonald have over the past 40 years successfully assisted in planning and marketing hundreds of developments throughout the country and bring a wealth of expertise and experience to each project. The Hooke & MacDonald Development & Site Consultancy Service for residential, commercial and mixed use developments assists clients in assessing the risks and making informed decisions on the various options in relation to the subject properties. This service focuses on maximising the potential value of the property assets.

The company’s experience and knowledge of the property market in Dublin and throughout the country over a very long period provides for reliable and authoritative analysis of current market trends and forecasts. The company’s reports and professional advice help clients assess risks and make informed decisions on their property options and strategy. In this way one can be seen to have examined all aspects of the property assets and acted with maximum transparency, taking appropriate action to maximise value. Hooke & MacDonald reports include market feasibility studies, location and catchment analysis, demand forecasts, strategic economic advice and sales/marketing strategies.

In the current market end use demand is one of the most important considerations in the planning and design process and Hooke & MacDonald’s contribution can be one of the most influential determinants in the ultimate success of a development project.

The Hooke & MacDonald Development & Site Consultancy Service can involve the provision of the required critical strategic advice including:

• Review of existing assets;

• Review of existing planning permissions & stages of completion;

• Advice on the scheme design from a marketing and end use demand perspective;

• Zoning and pre-planning advice;

• Devising an optimum residential/commercial mix, unit sizes and specification;

• Formulation of short, medium and long term property strategies (as required);

• Advising on commercial occupier requirements;

• Advice on social & affordable requirements;

• Completed accommodation pricing and ongoing feasibility / viability & saleability advice;

• Consultation with the design team & attendance at project team meetings;

• Liaising and working with professional advisors (architects, quantity surveyors) to achieve the most appropriate and profitable uses. This may involve re-appraisal of existing planning and forecasting alternative options;

• Liaising with lending institutions and the NAMA;

• Alternative use strategies;

• Marketing/sales advice & disposal of assets (if required).

For further details please contact the Commercial Team - email: commercial@hookemacdonald.ie or Tel: 01 631 8403.